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All my books are stand alone and can be read in any order, but they are often linked together through friendships and locations ... mainly because I get so attached to my secondary characters that I can't say goodbye. (I'm talking about you, Marigold. And Carol and Ken. And the Cracknell sisters.) 

Small Town USA Dramedy

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This is a series I'm working on in my spare time. It's super fun to write and 2 1/2 books are done. (Veronica is the recalcitrant ...) Plus I may fiddle around with those covers some more before I'm totally done, but watch this space. 


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Anthology ebook cover final - four autho

Christmas on Hope Street, Jellyfish Press, 2019 (a Christmas anthology)  - SOLD OUT

Love and Fireworks, Jellyfish Press, 2020 (a New Year's Eve anthology) - SOLD OUT

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Winner - Valerie Parv Award 2018

Winner - RWA Sapphire Award 2019

Winner - RWA Sapphire Award 2020

Winner - RWA Emerald Award 2017

Second - RWA Sapphire Award 2018

Smalltown, USA Dramedy ... a work in progress !!!

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