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Down the Track

Published by Harper Collins HQ Fiction, 2024


Digging up the past isn't easy ... Sweet, funny and feel-good, the unmissable rural romance from the bestselling author of A Home Among the Snow Gums and The Vet From Snowy River.

Dr Joanne Tan is an expert in a lot of things. Love isn't one of them. Another unmissable funny, feel-good romance from the author of The Vet From Snowy River, Stella Quinn.

Being thirty-something, broke, divorced, and in a cold war with her twelve-year-old son is a lot, but Jo's handling it. Just. At least, she is until her job at the Natural History Museum is in jeopardy. An invitation to dig up dinosaur bones on a remote Queensland sheep station arrives at just the right time.

It's not her first trip to Yindi Creek, but it's not as though anyone will remember her from fifteen years ago ... And by anyone, of course, she means the pilot she had that fling with. The fling that taught her she's far safer sticking to science ...

Gavin "Hux" Huxtable, helicopter pilot and reluctant sheep-shearer, has turned his broken heart into a secret (and successful) writing career. But running into Jo again, all these years down the track, stirs up a lot more than outback country dust.

A missing person, a fossilised legbone, and a nosy country cop force Jo and Hux together and the sparks that start flying don't go unnoticed by the locals ...

Digging up the past isn't easy. Digging up the truth can be even harder.


'Quinn's warm tone, gentle humour and all-pervasive kindness shines throughout A Home Among the Snow Gums; it's a lively gallop with endearing characters and a satisfying ending that leaves a spring in your step.' - Better Reading

'A Town Like Clarence captivated me completely with its easy charm, true-blue Aussie setting and delightful cast ... a book that filled my heart with immense happiness.' - Mrs B's Book Reviews

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