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Stowaway ebook cover - 2020 version coup
(Book 2, Island Escape Series)
Published by Jellyfish Press, 2019

Running away never felt so right.

Sabrina runs away to the Caribbean to escape the trauma of her sister’s suicide and the wreckage of her surgical career. An accident results in her waking, far out to sea, on a yacht with a handsome stranger.


Ben, out-of-work billionaire and turtle conservation volunteer, is sailing to an isolated coral cay with much needed equipment. He is both suspicious of, and drawn to, the stowaway on his boat.Doubts rise, as does the tension between them. Why won’t he turn the boat around? Why is she so cagey about her life?


Ben is shot by egg thieves and Sabrina faces her nightmare: a loved one, bleeding, mortally wounded. She saves Ben’s life, but runs away to London, overwrought. Ben follows, but she rejects him. As her trauma heals, she realizes she was foolish to turn him away.


Has Sabrina missed out on her chance at love?


What are reviewers saying?


"Terrific read"

"The author has a great voice that's unique and exciting."


"I freaking LOVE the Stowaway series."


Stowaway was an ARRA finalist in 2019 for Australia's Favorite Contemporary Romance.


Stowaway came 2nd place in RWA Emerald Award for Best Unpublished Manuscript in 2018. 

Turtle conservation visit - research for Stowaway
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