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The Cockatoo Track (a short & sweet romance)

Published by Jellyfish Press, 2019


Anything can happen in the outback ... even romance

Lara Campezi is not coping. She's left her job, she's sublet her apartment, and she's given away her furniture. The only things she's kept are her camera and the rose quartz necklace her father gave her before he died; quartz he collected himself from the remote North West of Australia.


Lara decides to go on a journey to see the land where her father once walked. She doesn't know what she's expecting to find, but it's definitely not Charlie Flinders, the guy she had a crush on twenty years ago when she was sixteen.


Anything can happen when you’re on the journey of a lifetime in the remote Australian Outback. Even romance.


A 4000 word romance short story set in the Australian Outback - read Chapter One below ...

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