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Catching snow ebook cover - 2020 version
Catching Snow
(The Island Escape Series Christmas Novella)
Published by Jellyfish Press, 2018

Fancy a little romantic suspense this Christmas?

We first met Ryan in Tropic Storm. He was the cop who flew out to Oahu from the States in pursuit of the identity theft syndicate. At the cocktail bar, he showed Charlotte a photo of his wife and his baby twins.

Catching Snow is the story of how Ryan met that wife, a marine biologist on leave from her job on a coral atoll in the South Pacific.

Here's the blurb:

Lisa is so tired of being alone, and now the unthinkable has happened - she's flown across the world from the remote atoll where she works to spend a white Christmas with her grandmother, only to learn her grandmother has passed away. Heartbroken, she heads up the mountain to grieve. At least she still has the cabin: perhaps there she will find the peace in which to say goodbye.

Ryan's a cop in need of a break. He's just put away a vicious serial killer, the media won't leave him alone, and he's looking forward to some space: just him, a log fire, and no darn reporters banging on his door. When he sees a mountain cabin going cheap in a deceased estate sale, he thinks it's his lucky day.

Ryan and Lisa end up stranded in the snug mountain cabin for Christmas, but they soon discover that staking a claim is the least of their problems. 

"It took a heartbeat to assess the front door – ajar when he’d had it shut and locked – but a heartbeat was all it took to have his gun in his hand and every cop sense he’d honed in fifteen years on the force screaming intruder.

Then a woman stepped into the cabin and his cop thoughts scrambled. Man thoughts came rushing in, filling the vacuum that had been created by the rapid exit of his common sense and intuition. Hot, urgent, pulse-hammering man thoughts.

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