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Island Fling ebook cover - 2020 version
Island Fling (The Island Escape Series, Book 3)

Published by Jellyfish Press, 2019

She's looking for love, but he's on the run.

Fun and flirty editor Antonia is a dreamer in her personal life but a force to be reckoned with at her job in charge of the international news team at a London magazine. She heads off to the Caribbean for a four-day mini-break to attend her friend Sabrina's wedding, and discovers the pilot of the sea plane is none other than her ex-fling: the man who dumped her three years ago on her last Caribbean holiday and broke her heart.

​​​​​​​Intense loner Tyler is on the run, and he's not sharing his secrets with anyone. Trouble is, he's on the hit list of a powerful drug lord, and he's about to get caught. Now is so not the right time to find the English girl he lost his heart to strapped into seat 2A of his amphibious plane for a 45-minute journey to the Manatee Cays.

​​​​​​​Wild plane rides, wild chases, and wild passion are headed their way as Antonia finds herself accidentally on the run (in heels!) with a guy who isn't who she thinks he is.

What are reviewers saying?


"X factor nailed it. You can start bidding wars with this."

"I want to buy the trilogy. Actually, I want you as my new best friend."


"Wonderful voice and loved your humor."d Island Fling won the RWA Valerie Parv Award in 2018.  

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