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A New Ending
(an Australian Rural Romance novella)
Published by Jellyfish Press, 2020
First published in Love and Fireworks Anthology, 2020

Digging for dinosaur bones can get complicated

Digging for dinosaur bones in the Aussie outback gets complicated when a helicopter pilot with a heart of gold messes up Jo's plans.

Joanna spends her days digging up dinosaur fossils in the Queensland outback, dreaming of one day leading her own excavation team. When she saves a kid from a runaway excavator, she has no idea she’ll be getting a golden ticket in the mail to attend a flash party on New Year’s Eve in Sydney’s glamourous harbour. A ticket for her ... plus one.

She’s living in a tent. She doesn’t own a dress.

She definitely doesn’t have a plus one. But somehow, at the stroke of midnight, she’s going to find herself with a happy new ending.