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The Island Escape Series

Island Escape Boxed Set, Books 1 – 3

Prequel: And I Always Will (Charlotte & Jack)

Book 1: Tropic Storm (Charlotte & Jack)

Book 2: Stowaway (Sabrina & Ben)

Book 3: Island Fling (Antonia & Tyler)

Christmas Novella: Catching Snow (Lisa & Ryan)

Short & Sweet: Beneath the Waves (Sally and Pete)

The Island Escape Series


Romance, adventure and escape are the themes I look for in romance novels. The Island Escape Series began with an idea about three friends, each of them unlucky in love, escaping on a faraway adventure and finding a holiday romance that turns into their happy ever after.


Those three friends are Charlotte, Sabrina and Antonia, who are totally unalike in every way except for the bond they’ve shared since childhood.


Tropic Storm tells Charlotte and Jack's story of second-chance romance. He's an overworked hotel magnate, and she's a journalist-turned-celebrity-blogger, and they both visit the island of Oahu and discover themselves strapped into side-by-side seats on the plane. Turbulence ahead!


Stowaway is Sabrina and Ben’s story, a redemption romance for a surgeon who's lost her nerve. Two strangers, trapped on a yacht together in the Caribbean Ocean ... she's got secrets, and she's not willing to share, but Ben becomes determined to discover what his alluring stowaway is hiding. Oh ... and there's turtles. Lots of them.


Island Fling is Antonia and Tyler’s story, where our fun and flirty heroine is determined to pursue the lone-wolf-type Tyler, who is just as determined to stay on the run ...


The first three titles in this series were lucky enough to win writing awards:


Tropic Storm won the Emerald Pro Award in 2019, from Romance Writers Australia, for the best unpublished manuscript by a published author.


Stowaway came second in the Emerald Award in 2018, from Romance Writers Australia, for the best unpublished manuscript by an unpublished author. It was also a finalist in ARRA's Favorite Contemporary Romance in 2019. And ... BREAKING NEWS ... Stowaway is a finalist in the RUBY Awards 2020 for Romance Book of the Year! 


Island Fling  won the coveted Valerie Parv Award in 2018, also through Romance Writers Australia.


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