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Event news: COVER REVEAL

So thrilled to share the cover of my upcoming book with you all. Down the Track is my first book set in Queensland (my home state) and we've gone west ... way, way, west ... to Yindi Creek, which is based on Winton.

Out there it's sheep country. And dinosaur and opal and cattle and flood and drought country. I spent some time in Winton and Longreach in January 2023 researching for this book (heck yes, that was a hot time to visit) and I cannot wait to see it on the shelves and in the hands of readers to see what people think.

So far only me and the HQ Fiction team at Harper Collins have read it. The final edits are done, only the proof reading is left to do (soon) and some of the preorder links are up (Amazon and Barnes and Noble are up, Target isn't up yet)

Jo, the main character, is broke and divorced and her 12 yr old son is giving her the cold shoulder. She gets an invite to go out to a remote sheep station to dig up suspected dinosaur bones and - if there really are dino bones there - this may be the answer to her problems.

Hux, the other main character, was inspired by that adorable movie Paperback Hero. He's a helicopter pilot who dreamed of a career writing thriller novels and he's made it big - but he's kept it a secret for a very dark sad reason that not many people now about it.

He's also carrying a broken heart ... because this isn't Jo's first visit to Yindi Creek. She was there 15 years ago and things (and by 'things' I mean an outback fling) did not end well ...


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