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Keeping Katie (The Gold Coast Retrievers)

Published by Sweet promise Press, 2020

Two lonely hearts … one matchmaking dog.

Katie is lonely, but she's hiding it from everyone by working long shifts at Redwood Cove Airport and volunteering with her therapy dog, Rose, on Heartbreak Row at the local animal refuge. She put her emotions into a holding pattern a year ago when her uncle died, and that strategy is working just fine ... at least, it is until her sister goes missing.


Anton is a celebrity thriller writer, but when the real world started imitating the plot of his last blockbuster, guilt made him lose his nerve. Now he's hiding away in Redwood Cove writing the puzzle page for the local newspaper. Nothing has stirred his interest for months, but then Katie comes knocking on his door.


When Katie's sister went missing, the only clue she left behind was a torn out crossword from Anton's puzzle page. Thrown together on the hunt for Katie's missing sister, Anton has his own difficult truth to face: he needs to come to terms with his guilt if he is going to find a way of keeping Katie (and matchmaker Rose) part of his future.


Find out if Rose can work her therapy magic and bring peace to these two wounded hearts. 

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