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Beneath the waves ebook cover - 2020 ver
Beneath the Waves
(a short story and free to subscribers)
Published by Jellyfish Press, 2018
First published by Romance Writers Australia in Little Gems: Jade

Not all treasure is lost at the bottom of the ocean

Sally's dive salvage business is just about broke, but finally her research has paid off. She's found treasure, gleaming jewels of it, in the warm waters off Fiji. And she needs it valued, quickly, before her business folds.

Pete is a big-city museum curator. He works in air-conditioned comfort among the finest antiques on earth, but he's never forgotten the lost treasure he based his college thesis on. When he sees an emailed photo of a jewel found in Fiji, he books himself on the next plane.

They both discover that not all treasure is to be found beneath the waves.

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