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All my books are stand alone and can be read in any order, but they are linked together through friendships and locations. 

Island Fling ebook cover - 2020 version
Island Fling (The Island Escape Series, Book 3)

ISBN 978-0-6482850-9-0

Published by Jellyfish Press, 2019

She's looking for love, but he's on the run.

Oh, Book 3 in the Island Escape Series is shaping up to be a ripper! It's written, just going through some final edits now.

Antonia is fun, feisty, determined  ... and she has a dismal track record with guys.

Tyler is broody, secretive, and intense. He's a cold-as-ice decision-making machine who is ultra disciplined about everything ... except Antonia.

Island Fling is available for pre-order from October 2019

Release date is December 26, 2019 

Stowaway ebook cover - 2020 version coup
Stowaway (The Island Escape Series, Book 2)

ISBN 978-0-6482850-3-8

Published by Jellyfish Press, 2019

Meet Sabrina Gray. London doctor. Loyal friend. Sabrina has lived her life following the rules and exceling at being responsible. She's organised. She's dedicated. And she's just made a terrible mistake. She's run away to the Caribbean to clear her head, because it's as far away from London as she can get.

Ben Ryan looks like more like a buccaneer than an IT expert. He does as he pleases, and at the moment it pleases him to sail his luxury yacht in the Caribbean, helping out his friends at their turtle conservation research post.


When Ben discovers Sabrina in his boat one morning, out to sea in the middle of the ocean, it's hard to know who is the more surprised. Or suspicious.

Ben's been hunted by women before. You don't sell your IT company for a multi-million-dollar price tag without picking up some unwanted attention on the way.


But there's a complication. Ben finds Sabrina delectable. What is he going to do about the feelings he has for the woman who might be trying to manipulate him?

Sabrina finds herself equally at sea. She has always known where she was going: a surgical career, a vocation working in the hospitals of London ... but now? For the first time in her life, Sabrina is starting to doubt the future she has planned for herself. A future that has no place in it for Ben.


And Ben's and Sabrina's doubts aren't the only problems facing them. At the conservation post, a gang has been stealing turtle eggs, and there's rumors the gang is armed and dangerous.


How will Ben and Sabrina react when the dangers ahead of them threaten not only their plans, but their lives?


Stowaway came 2nd place in RWA Emerald Award 2018 for Best Unpublished Manuscript.

Tropic Storm ebook cover - 2020 version
Tropic Storm (The Island Escape Series, Book 1)

ISBN 978-0-6482850-0-7

Published by Jellyfish Press, 2019

"Excuse me."

Charlotte opened her eyes and sat up abruptly, reaching out a hand to smooth her wayward curls. Oh no. Fate couldn't be so cruel.


Award-winning author Stella Quinn dishes up a stormy romance on the Hawaiian Islands as blogging queen and former journalist Charlotte Jones finds herself the unwilling guest of the man who left her a decade ago. How could she ever forgive him? How will she forgive herself if she falls for him again?


Charlotte is doing just fine. She works. She travels. Sure, she's been tired lately, that's why she's going on holiday. Getting caught up in a city riot has tapped her resources. And sure, she's been alone for a while. But who has time for a relationship and a career anyway? She's learned the rules the hard way: relationships don't last, careers do.


But then she runs into Jack on a plane. Jack Diamond: hotel magnate, hottest guy she's ever met, all-round money-hungry low-life. There's no way she's getting caught up in that emotional roller-coaster again.


Fate, however, has other plans in store for Charlotte. Fate, an identity-thief, and the romance of an island sky come together to plunge Charlotte and Jack into a stormy relationship. Again.


What will happen when they are trapped together one stormy night in paradise?


Tropic Storm: winner of the RWA Emerald Pro Award 2019 for Best Unpublished Manuscript.

Catching snow ebook cover - 2020 version
Catching Snow (a Christmas novella)

ISBN 978-0-6482850-5-2

Published by Jellyfish Press, 2018

Fancy a little romantic suspense this Christmas?


Catching Snow is a romantic suspense novella featuring a story from one of the characters in the Island Escape Series. Remember Mulligan, the cop in Tropic Storm, who shows Charlotte the photo in his wallet? Catching Snow is his very own story. It does have a bad guy ... but a super happy ending. Oh, there's a also an adorable dog. 

Lisa is so alone. It's Christmas, and she arrives back in the States from her research station in the Pacific Ocean to discover her grandmother, her only living relative, has passed away. She makes her way to the grandmother's empty mountain cabin, needing the solace of home.


Ryan needs a break. Catching an evil serial killer has tested him to the limits. But it's Christmas, and he's looking forward to some much-needed alone time in the isolated mountain cabin he's just bought.


Lisa and Ryan are in for an unwelcome surprise when they both turn up to the same mountain cabin looking for refuge. But a case of confused legal ownership is just the start of their problems. A snow storm is on its way; and in a van, lurking in the woods, is a threat that may just claim their lives.

cover march 30 camera with rural backing
The Cockatoo Track (a short & sweet romance)

Published by Jellyfish Press, 2019


Fancy a little romantic suspense this Christmas?


The Cockatoo Track is a new release short story set in the Australian Outback.


Lara Campezi is not coping. She's left her job, she's sublet her apartment, and she's given away her furniture. The only things she's kept are her camera and the rose quartz necklace her father gave her before he died; quartz he collected himself from the remote North West of Australia.


Lara decides to go on a journey to see the land where her father once walked. She doesn't know what she's expecting to find, but it's definitely not Charlie Flinders, the guy she had a crush on twenty years ago when she was sixteen.


Anything can happen when you’re on the journey of a lifetime in the remote Australian Outback. Even romance.


A 4000 word romance novelette set in the Australian Outback

Christmas on Hope Street (a novella boxset)
Published by Jellyfish Press, 2019

Come for the holidays ... and stay for love


Four sweet, small town romances guaranteed to warm your heart.


The Christmas Movie Date by Megan Mayfair


A Kiss for Christmas Eve by Jayne Kingsley

All I Want by Stella Quinn

Unwrapping her Heart by Marianne Bayliss

April Showers (a seasonal romance anthology)
Published by Literary Crush Publishing, 2019

The Umbrella Diaries


This story began the publishing journey of the Cathedral Springs Series, heart-warming small-town romances set in a picturesque mountain town in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. 

Marianne is a ballet instructor who rents a basement studio from a sad-eyed loner, Duncan, who has been spending his days since a terrible accident living in his historic home with just his dog, Jellybean, for company.

Marianne makes him realise he's been missing out on life ... and love ... all he needs to do is step out of his lonely hideaway and embrace it (and her!).

Beneath the waves ebook cover - 2020 ver
Beneath the Waves (a short & sweet romance)
Published by Romance Writers of Australia, 2017 and by
Jellyfish Press, 2019

Beneath The Waves was the story which inspired me to go on and write my Island Escape Romance Series. The story was a finalist in the Romance Writers Of Australia 2017 short story competition. It was been published in the 2017 Little Gems anthology, 

Looking for a little romance in the clear warm waters of the South Pacific? Now you can find out for yourself what that would be like from the comfort of your reading chair ... sunken treasure, an adventurous heroine, and a romance that glitters more than gold ever could.

Finding Betty-Lou ebook cover 2400 x 160
Finding Betty-Lou (a short & sweet romance)
Published by Jellyfish Press, 2018

A lonely girl. A country guy. An antique WW2 plane.


Louise is looking for her past, and she thinks she’s found it when she finds her great- grandfather’s old WW2 plane in an old shed in the Flinders Ranges.


Aaron’s just invested his life savings buying a derelict old cattle station.

He discovers he’s bought more than red dirt and old tractors. Louise discovers she may have found more than her past. She may have finally found her future.

This is one of my favourite short stories. One day, I'm planning on turning this into a novel ... i just need time! 

And I Always Will (prequel novella to Tropic Storm)
Published by Jellyfish Press, 2020

Meet Charlotte & Jack. They're about to break up.


And I Always Will is a prequel story to award-winning second-chance romance Tropic Storm.


Charlotte is young and naive.  She's just moved to London and has finally freed herself from her toxic family. She heads out one evening with her friends Antonia and Sabrina and her world is changed when she meets the American guitarist playing a gig at her local pub.


Jack has one year to fulfil his dream to make it as a musician. If he doesn't get a recording contract, he is committed to returning to work in the family business back in the States. His dreams change the evening he lays eyes on the girl who he's going to lose his heart to.


Fate, however, has other plans in store for Jack and Charlotte. They just don't know it yet.


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